Advanced Driver Training

Advanced Driver Training

Experience your cars.

Engineered for high performance on a racetrack and with the kind of responsiveness, intelligence and emotional power that simply demands to be used, as every owner knows, a Porsche is unlike any other car on the road. And for one day, racetracks throughout Australia are devoted to giving full voice to the genius of the Porsche difference.

Knowledge is Power & Safety.

We believe the more knowledge owners have of their cars, the more excitement they get out of the experience of driving them. And, importantly, the more safely they will drive. A small amount of learning, in safe driving conditions, can open up a whole new world of experience which the limitations of ordinary driving conditions will never reveal.

Your Porsche is a high performance sports car, built to be driven well. This is a short course in understanding its potential. It has also been devised to help you, as a Porsche driver, react better in both day-to-day situations and emergencies. On each course, we are able to simulate (in safety) the kind of situation which may arise in a crisis – for which you may have had no ‘hands-on’ experience. The courses also tackle the less spectacular, but no less important, day-to-day issues such as throttle control and steering skills. On these very special days, the dynamic potential of your Porsche can be exploited in safety, without the restrictions of normal road conditions, or the worry of other road users. It is a wonderful opportunity to safely explore the potential of your Porsche, under the watchful eye of highly experienced Porsche instructors.

Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 & Level 2.
Mentor, critic, motivator. Nothing spurs us on more than praise and nothing is more challenging than criticism. Personal tuition by our expert instructors will take you through a series of driving exercises, progressively moving around the racetrack to build experience and knowledge, culminating in full laps of the track. Each day has also been devised to help you build your skills to react better in both day-to-day situations and emergencies. During the course we are able to simulate (safely) crisis situations for which you have no hands on experience. One day it might prove vital.

Open Track Days

Open Track Days.
If you enjoy completing full laps of the circuit and have completed Level 1 & 2, the Open Track Day is the day for you. Further your racetrack experience without the pressure of having your times recorded or having to win a race, simply focus on the main objective: a whole day of unlimited driving pleasure.


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