Porsche Classic Corner

Porsche Classic Corner

Porsche Centre Melbourne Porsche Classic Corner.

The Classic Corner is a visual highlight in the showroom featuring a Porsche classic vehicle alongside display cabinets displaying Classic genuine parts, Porsche Crest production and technical literature. Customers also have the opportunity to browse through the model history and find out about the relationship between the brand values of tradition and innovation.

Currently on display: 964 911 Carrera RS

Model Year: 1992

Exterior: Speed Yellow

Interior: Black/DarkGrey/Pear

Displacement: 3.6

Transmission: 5-speed Manual

Power: 194 kW (260 HP)

The 964 Carrera RS was introduced by Porsche for model year 1992 as a lightweight, high performance version of the 964 Carrera 2. A primary objective for Porsche engineers was making the 964 RS as light as possible and in the end they were able to take out almost 300 pounds of weight.

The bonnet was made out of aluminium, the side and rear windows were made from a lighter, thinner-gauge glass. Sound-insulating interior mats were removed, the front fog lamps were replaced with transparent covers and even the rust preventative undercoat was omitted. Porsche also removed the power steering, power windows, rear seats, electronically adjustable front seats and front armrests. The 964 RS was also fitted with lightweight magnesium Cup wheels

The RS used an upgraded version of the M64 engine used in the 964 Carrera 2 & 4 and power was boosted by 10 horsepower from the new 3.6 liter boxer engines. The pistons and cylinders were carefully selected and matched and the engine used rubber mounts in place of hydraulic mounts. It also had a lightweight single-mass flywheel that weighed 12 pounds. A lighter and simpler wiring harness was fitted and the ECU was reconfigured for higher octane fuel. Power went from 250 hp to 260 hp and torque increased from 229 ft/lbs to 240 ft/lbs.

The chassis was stiffened thanks to additional bracing and welding in key areas. The suspension on the Porsche Carrera RS was lowered by 40mm and made considerably stiffer with race-tuned shock absorbers. The front brakes comprised cross-drilled discs with four-piston fixed callipers as used on the 911 Turbo. The rear brakes were taken from the Carrera Cup race car.

Performance wise, the 964 RS had the same power and top speed as the coupe on which it was based. It out-accelerated its donor car by a lot thanks to its lighter weight. 0 – 60 mph was over in just 5.1 seconds (0.5 second faster than the standard C2). The 964 Carrera RS was offered in three road legal versions. The first was a base option that offered no luxury at all, the second, a touring model, came with limited extras and the third was the N-GT (near-production GT).    

Not for sale.

Porsche Centre Melbourne can assist with a range of classic work including:
- Repairs - Engine work                                                                                           
- Servicing - Bodywork
- Pre Purchase Inspections - Upholstery
- Restoration - Electronics

To find out more please click here or alternatively contact our classic department on (03) 9473 0917.


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