Porsche Classic Partner

Porsche Classic Partner

No one understands your classic car as well as you.
Except for us.

As Australia’s first and only Porsche Classic Partner, Porsche Centre Melbourne offers special services and rewards to Porsche Classic owners, including privileged access to Porsche Classic Genuine Parts and direct lines of communication with the factory. Furthermore, our selected technicians, parts interpreters and service advisors have been specially trained and endorsed by Porsche Classic, guaranteeing the highest possible standard of care that only a Porsche Classic Partner can provide.

What you can expect from a Porsche Classic Partner

The Classic Corner - a brand experience

The Classic Corner - a brand experience.

In the showroom, you can see straight away that you are on the premises of a Porsche Classic Partner. The Classic Corner is a visual highlight in the showroom - a Classic brand experience, specifically for Classic customers.  

The Classic Corner - an information centre

The Classic Corner - an information centre.

The Classic Corner features classics and display cabinets with Classic genuine parts, Porsche Crest production and technical literature. Customers also have the opportunity to browse through the model history and find out about the relationship between the brand values of tradition and innovation.  

Classic expertise

Classic expertise.

Certified technicians, Parts Sales Consultants and Service Advisors, as well as a Classic contact are qualified to provide Classic enthusiasts with on-the-spot advice.  

Expert advice on Porsche Classic Genuine Parts

Expert advice on Porsche Classic Genuine Parts.

The Porsche Classic Partner is at your disposal to answer all questions about the 52,000 items that make up the Porsche Classic spare parts range. In addition, they will tell you about new parts editions and give advice on technical matters, such as the necessary peripheral parts.  

Individual support for classic Porsche models

Individual support for classic Porsche models.

Classic customers and their vehicle are welcomed in the Classic direct dialogue bay. Qualified Service Advisors can tell you about typical damage symptoms - covering maintenance, repair and restoration.  

The best prerequisite for service to the highest standards

The best prerequisite for service to the highest standards.

To guarantee the best possible standards of maintenance and repair, every Porsche Classic Partner has specialist knowledge combined with the required special tools and model-specific technical literature.  


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