Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to purchase a Porsche outside of the dealer network?

Let our experienced service team assist you.

Knowledge is power when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned Porsche and our service team excels in this area. Many of our factory trained technicians offer over 35 years Porsche experience, so rest assured you're in safe hands whether you are interested in our latest models or perhaps a model from our classic range, we have the expertise.

Our pre-purchase inspection will offer you a comprehensive four-page detailed report. This will place you, as the purchaser in a powerful position offering you the knowledge of the Porsche's current state of health and a quotation of any items that may be recommended, a very useful tool for negotiating with the seller.

To arrange your pre-purchase inspection prior to purchasing your next Porsche, please contact:

Service team
(03) 9473 0912's the highway where the Panamera makes the most sense. Sure, the urban commute is great for turning heads, but for appreciating the car's Grand Touring prowess, nothing comes close to a long stretch of road
Matt Brogan,

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