Porsche Centre Melbourne Classic

Porsche Centre Melbourne Classic

Australia's only accredited Porsche Classic Partner.


Porsche Centre Melbourne was established following the first two right-hand drive Porsches being imported to Australia in 1951, making the dealership one of the oldest outside of Germany.

Over sixty-five years later, our Classic Department is looking after the cars which were once imported as new vehicles and are now true classics. Our team of nine classic specialists include: service advisors, technicians and parts interpreters who have been specially trained and endorsed by Porsche Classic.

Following an extensive renovation in 2016, our Classic Department has expanded to cater for the increased demand for specialised service and restoration of Porsche Classics and was also accredited as Australia’s first Porsche Classic Partner.

Direct lines of communication to the factory combined with privileged access to Porsche Classic Parts underlines our commitment to owners. Thanks to the state of the art workshop expansion, Porsche Centre Melbourne are equipped to handle extensive Classic works and regularly look after Porsche models from the 356 to the 911 and of course working exclusively with Porsche Genuine Parts.

Our work is widely recognised and our team are experienced and take great pride in the care of your Porsche Classic.

Porsche Centre Melbourne can assist with a range of Classic work:

- Repairs - Engine work                                                                                           
- Servicing - Bodywork
- Pre Purchase Inspections - Upholstery
- Restoration - Electronics

Our Team

Our selected technicians, parts interpreters and service advisors have been specially trained and certified by Porsche, ensuring your Porsche Classic receives the highest standard of care that only a Porsche Classic Partner can provide.

To contact our Classic Department please call (03) 9473 0917, we would be delighted to assist.

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Tel: 03 9473 0917
Email: [email protected]

Porsche Classic Partner

As Australia’s first and only Porsche Classic Partner, Porsche Centre Melbourne offers special services and rewards to Porsche Classic owners, including privileged access to Porsche Classic Genuine Parts and direct lines of communication with the factory. Furthermore, our selected technicians, parts interpreters and service advisors have been specially trained and endorsed by Porsche Classic, guaranteeing the highest possible standard of care that only a Porsche Classic Partner can provide.

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Porsche Classic Corner


In the showroom, you can see straight away that you are on the premises of a Porsche Classic Partner. The Classic Corner is a visual highlight in the showroom - a Classic brand experience, specifically for Classic customers.  

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The Porsche Classic Technical Certificate


With the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate, Porsche Centre Melbourne offers you the option to have your classic car extensively tested, and then to have important information about your vehicle verified. Anything that is damaged or no longer works will be noted down. It will then be repaired at your request, with great attention to detail and all our knowledge from decades of working with classic Porsche cars.

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