Porsche Track Experience

Porsche Track Experience


Porsche Track Experience provides training based on a clear philosophy: you tell us your driving goal and we ensure that you achieve it.

All of our courses comply with the same high standards, so you can confidently choose to participate in our cars.

Working through the various training levels, you can finesse your driving style step by step, from the basics of vehicle control to professional driving skills. Maximum performance is about more than horsepower and torque alone. To harness raw power, you not only need advanced technology, you also need a solid repertoire of driving techniques. To push the limits, you firstly have to explore your own.

Choose your fun

Choose from a range of one day courses, or you can tailor a course to suit your individual or group requirements. Perhaps you are part of a group of Porsche owners and require advanced tuition. Or perhaps you are looking for a course that will work as the basis for a team-building program for a corporate group. The course could even be the goal of an incentive program.

Porsche Track Experience
Precision is an essential part of building a Porsche. It’s also the key to driving one – especially at a higher level. This day is designed to help you attain this level of accuracy, providing you with the ideal preparation to move through our programs. Aimed at first time participants and those who want to build and refresh their knowledge, it teaches you the fundamentals of vehicle control, with practise sessions taking place at the Mt Cotton Training Centre - a safe environment for simulating the kind of hazardous situations you may face in everyday traffic at various speeds.

Porsche Track Experience
Building on the skills learned in previous training, under expert instruction, you will learn how to approach and tackle corners accurately and with speed on a closed road circuit, practise taking evasive action and experience the effect that even slight differences in speed can have on the intensity of load changes. Practising accurate steering, skilful braking and careful acceleration you will learn how to drive more safely, even off the beaten track. A course on the dedicated off-road four wheel drive experience offers steep declines and ascents, rough terrain and unfeasible side slopes, allowing the Cayenne to conquer the toughest obstacles.

Porsche Track Experience
When you’ve completed Precision and Precision Plus, this day brings to life Intelligent Performance behind the wheel of a Porsche at Queensland Raceway. Individual instruction concentrates on vehicle control at higher speeds, using the correct racing lines and introducing trail braking with full lapping. Focusing on specific driving skills, lap after lap, improves vehicle command. While accurate and effective corner braking and avoiding unnecessary steering inputs provide the practice essential to finely tune skills. Here you can familiarise yourself with the respective sequence of bends and find the optimum line before progressing to the Master and GT3 Cup.

Porsche Track Experience
A Porsche is, quite simply, made for the track and this is where you can finely hone your skills to utilise its full potential. With the help of one-on-one coaching and sophisticated technology (electronic data is analysed and de-briefed by engineers), you will receive all the training you need to achieve competence in correct steering into corners and learn how to work the accelerator and brake pedals for optimum response.

Porsche Track Experience
This is your opportunity to drive a genuine, factory-built 911 GT3 Cup Car. You also receive coaching in the advanced driving skills needed to pilot these cars at high speeds, with confidence, lap-after-lap. Using state-of-the-art data acquisition, your instructor and engineer monitor your progress and make adjustments to lines, braking, shifting and steering to build your confidence and abilities. Instructors led by Bathurst winner and Chief Instructor Tomas Mezera will work closely with you to improve your skills. Our engineer will work with you and your instructor to increase your understanding of the use of data to improve on your lap times and consistency.

At the end of the course, you will have a much improved understanding of your own capabilities and the analysis and use of data acquisition to keep monitoring and improving your performance.


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